Unprecedented and Hostile situation in Nepal

Mr K.P.Oli the PM Nepal has surprised all including his own party people of his decision of  dissolving the Parliament that is beyond his legitimate powers as mentioned by the senior law specialists of the country.

The sudden move is read as coup and the president’s acquiescing the same as well put the suspicion lingering.

Although the elections are now declared around April-May following the dissolution of house of Commons yet the decision has raised eyebrows of not only the opposition yet of the party fellows to reportedly. 

 Out of the current strength of 446 members of the committee,Oli has increased the number to 1199 in order to hold his own party convention to prove his legitimacy yet the simultaneous meet of the rival party has decided to remove him from the party chairman as the disciplinary action and Mahav Kunmar Nepal has succeeded Oli and Pushp Dahal Prachand is an executive chairman of the party.

The unanimous decision of dissolving the parliament is being challenged by  petitions filed in the apex court.

  The pique continues to be and has headed further in form of the petitions so for eleven in number in the apex court as is reported   and Pushp dahal prachand headed committee also is considering of filing the case for the same.

 In order to prove his majority and legitimacy Oli has increased the members to 1139 from 446.

The hill state is in doldrums following these state of affairs, for India the developments in the neighboring country and its inclination towards another neighbor china is a cause of concern undoubtedly therefore all eyes are to observe the future moves in Nepal for  better of its survival and status that has an influence obviously on India too.

- Sunil S Okhade

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