Vaccine is here to take care

Now that the covaxin and covishield in its fairly good quantity is getting shipped and collected across the country what is more appealing is to notice the careful receipt and storage of the same as it is understood that the shipment and its safe delivery is accurately planned in the state of MP and elsewhere.

The initial 3.9 lakhs doses arrived in MP .About 3000 new sites are initially planned that might cross 5000 even by the end of the month across the nation as is understood.

The political statements of all the variety that has been popularized right from UP to Chhattisgarh raising unfounded fear of the safety keeping the third trial results publication etc. as a mandate before use should not be the limiting factor and disappointments for the use.

The vaccines are being manufactured by the expert companies that have worldwide distribution of vaccines with a long experience.

Here certainly the government needs to make the responsibles careful and updated with all the kinds of clarification substantiated with the scientific clarifications and reports that adds to people's knowledge and their satisfaction before the same is administered to them.

The only thing that needs to be checked is that so-called ambiguity is not flourishing and should not be allowed to popularize the cooked up stories yet the facts must be brought in for everyone's satisfaction because this is off course for the overall health of the people.

- Sunil S Okhade  

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