Vicious cycle of surge in the pandmeic

The surge in the Covid 19 cases again in the state of Maharashtra is a big Concern for the state government and the local administrations.

Considering the same certain cities are as a prevention placed again on alert and the CM Maharashtra has asked the public to remain vigilant and suggested all to for meticulous following of the norms to escape the probabilities of any chances of the lock down.

Public rallies of any kind of protest, religious ceremonies that may gather people or any political and social gathering are requested to refrain from.

It’s not only an alert for the state of Maharashtra but for the nation, for the repercussions could be anywhere with the global openings and exodus, influxes are routinely bringing back such pandemics.

With the proper public awareness programmes now the education is sufficient even in downtrodden people too and all have understood the significance of the cleanliness and required measures to combat the disease.  

The suitable and effective vaccine to is available now for the public use so countering the pandemic is much easier however with all the vaccines and medical facilities that could be extended to the diseased person the wise and pragmatic is always to keep the proper prevention for that is better than the cure as is accepted since ages.

- Sunil S Okhade

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