Visionary thought 

Is it not a welcome change that our Army top bosses are advocating for the reformations in the Arm forces Gen Rawat and Army Chief General Narvane are perhaps sharing the same view as is indicative of their suggestion for a carefully devised strategies now for improving the performances of the army.

The entire world was earlier specially USA always have shunned the problem of terrorism created by Pakistan and the kind of the troubles that are being always initiated by these two of the India neighbours.

USA now has realized the tough challenges form these two now that the India has been facing constantly since decades.

The importance of the allocation of sufficient funds to coup up with the modern technological need for the defence is certainly a welcome thought and the Indian leadership must thoroughly study and try to come up with the concrete kind of the programme for the future related issues that might crop with the times to come so need of the hour is to first ensure and anticipate those thus the right action plan and the concerned arms may be deployed to counter the future issues.

We have such a geographical status that nonetheless all the efforts and preparation we can have some or other border issue to address.

The vision of our neighbour has always been non -cooperative and was of preparatory of disturbing the peace process.

In the light of these aspects the prudent step is to keep changing and evaluating the strength and weakness of the armed forces that ultimately are going to take up the responsibility of escaping people from any untoward incidence.

Let us take up these thoughtful and worth inculcating visions for the futuristic vision that is foreseen by the two top bosses well on time if this is not too much to defend their point of view.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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