West Bengal enroute to Elections

West Bengal and Assam is in full swing and all set for the ensuing elections.BJP has finalized the alliances with the state of Assam and the decided seats selections for the state by individual parties are more or less ascertained by a brainstorming session. Similarly West Bengal the political wind is flowing with the warm behavior of the leaders in action with all the preparations for contesting the election ahead.

CM Mamata Banerjee’s wish is to contest from Nandi gram where she might face her past colleague and now with BJP Shudhendu Adhikari who claims to defeat her by average fifty thousand votes even his one of the supporter appeared confident that anyone who contest from Nandi gram might have the similar margin and BJPs win is certain.Sangrur is another tough fight constituency .BJP State head Ghosh has not accepted and declared any contestant’s name unless the party high command agrees for declaring yet stated that the contest shall be interesting and worth of it                                                    

Exit poll reports have certain other facts to mention a it reveals that for CM Position CM Banerjee remains the first popular choice with the understanding that as such other candidates have fewer realizations of regional aspects however at the center the consensus as stated goes in favour of BJP.While those who made an exit from TMC are confident of the success of BJP with their reluctance of stating any CM Candidate’s name. Party however is confident of its victory and supporting actions that we see is the constant exodus from TMC to BJP.

Kailash Vijayvargiya the BJP’s stalwarts who has accepted the reins of BJP in the state of west Bengal also maintained that this is the party leadership’s final verdict that will decide the candidature for CM right now we only focus on winning.

CM Mamta has another tough challenge from singer turned politician babul supriyo who also wishes to contest against the CM WB. Ovasi’s role also may be challenging and putting the vote bank of the targeted group in the abeyance if not decisive.

Interesting therefore the west Bengal election could be for the BJP with its concrete strategies planning to enter into the election and the frequent visits of all its top people is testimony of the kind of preparation the party has exhibited and as is evident from all the steps taken so far.

Let’s see what is there in the store

- -Sunil S Okhade

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