What a deplorable state

What a deplorable state that it describes of any nation that has been seen always with only wrong steps by all the steps and measures this has adopted since the past 70 years.

The current political situation and socio economic situation of the state of Pakistan if anything to mention is the utter failure of the governance where the price hike and the disturbed state status clearly is indicative of the kind of nation it is where no law and order appears to be.

The Supreme Court judges of Pakistan as reported, therefore had their verdict clearly mentioning the oppression that the state of Pakistan has been witnessing since long rather since the inception irrespective of the change in the faces of that rule.

Imran Khan although has been the person alleged of the charges by the apex court and undoubtedly is guilty of the mismanagement and misgovernance.

The court has made a mention of the indecisive situations of the government led by Imran Khan and thus procrastinating the valid decisions in the interest of the country thus leading to the failure of almost all the fronts that he needs to focus upon. Yet this is the government that has to act and implement the court can only direct the course of action provided the same are adhered to with all seriousness.

The verdict is in context of the incumbent yet the same has been drastically wrong ever since the state came into existence.

The miserable situation today the nation is facing and the pandemic management has further worsened the already disappointed state into the vicious cycle that needs to break its own wrongdoing.

The only ideal method of putting the action towards the right step is to perhaps see to it that the basics are corrected right from its origins so that over the path it remains in the stage of improvement rather disrupting already compromised circumstances.

Need of time for the Imran government to ponder over the solutions towards normalcy and taking the nation into confidence for the prevailing situations are no way suggestive of the improvement unless any miracle happens.

- -Sunil S Okhade

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