What a majestic win..

The splendid win of team India over a robust Ausi team that had an advantage of home ground, experienced players.
While Team India was suspected to be struggling with absence of Virat who is on paternity leave, the speculations of possible debacle as projected by the experts even the big claims made by the past captain Ricky ponting all went in vain with the classic inning played by the Indian youth.
The majestic win and the commendable exhibition of the game truly deserves all praise.
India’s victory with majestic performance of three wickets is simply superb and this test has again raised hope and aspiration for the test cricket which is considered to be the class and true cricket for which all the players aspire for.
The test has clearly exhibited the striving for excellence instinct of team india.Notwithstanding the first immediate set back with the loss of Rohit Sharmas wicket the kind of game that was exhibited by Pujara and Gil is commendable and shall be remembered years together.
What is worth mentioning is that the tall claims made by  Australian cricketers and the past cricketing talents were made null and void by our youth that also therefore depicts that one should not underestimate or overestimate rather true evaluation shall be only a path for paving in smoothly.
Anyways what a victory it is that even impressed the Australian cricket lovers and the coaches as is witnessed by their comments and gestures.


- Sunil S Okhade

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