Why such Conjectures?

The good news is that now two vaccines by two of our Indian pharma companies i.e Bharat biotech and Serum institutes are being cleared for clinical use.Covid Shield of Serum institute approved by Drugs controller General of India the first shot got initiated and the second vaccine approved by Oxford University along Astra genica developed by Bharat biotech a Hyderabad based company is on its third stage of clinical trial and is likely to get clearance once the same is achieved.

A good step forward for India is that we can also make use of the same for fighting against the dreaded causative virus in India and worldwide.

What is peculiar in the context is the created controversies on the issue which is uncalled for and counterproductive in view of the progress made and subsequently creating a kind of confused state.

This is expected from the public figures and from the responsible leaders that no conjecture must be initiated that might be ambiguous and might be causative of the panic status for those for which the vaccine is ready for administration.

The declarations and the doubts raised for the efficacy of the  developed vaccine , approved by the responsible scientists and authorities, is in a way undermining their sincere efforts that too without any scientific grounds.

Political statements under such circumstances must be refrain from making for the same is not by a party but for the one who is in governance it’s the basic responsibility.

The incumbent whomsoever he might be in any given situation has to reach to the remedies of the pandemics and for which irrespective of party in power any one should do all the best for combating the challenging situations.

While The ICMR and DGCI states of all the precautions and scientific evidence of the efficacies is not it an intentional deadlock initiation.

This is ridiculous and not a suitable time for any such propaganda that can simply be a reason behind the ambiguity and controversies.

- Sunil S Okhade  

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