Why to hang on with

The ongoing farmer’s agitation has now entered into the West Bengal where while asking the reason for their reaching to the West Bengal the BKU President Rakesh Ticket appeared obstinate and was trying to reinforce that his point of view is valid and the government is adamant and reluctant of holding discussions and scripting for the solution.

Notwithstanding, all his claims of the so called adamancy and atrocities of the government this is evident to all that all the attempts of the government to hold amicable solution has gone in vain on account of the obstinate behavior of Rakesh Ticket and other union leaders who in spite of no evidence to exhibit about their claimed closure of Mandy’s, issues with MSP etc. kept on shouting for its closure and implementation simultaneously.

Circumstantially, this seems that the deliberate attempts are initiated now for holding the protest for long and keep the issue burning for remaining in the news.

This is evident that now the entire modus operandi of the protest has taken an ugly shape and there are various speculations that points towards certain objectionable indulgences that must be checked and must be put to the rest for the entire nation has endured for long the stubborn behavior with patience and now the point is that if nothing great is to prove why to hang on with.

- Sunil S Okhade

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