CBSE extends deadline for Vidya Daan e-content to April 15

CBSE extends deadline for Vidya Daan e-content to April 15

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: IN ORDER to add more schools to be the part of its initiative of Vidya Daan 2.0, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has once again extended the deadline for sharing the expression on the contribution of e-content on Vidya Daan 2.0 to April 15, 2020.

Earlier, the board had allowed the schools to submit the details by the scheduled last date January 31, 2020. But still many schools are left to submit the entries, thus the board has given enough time to share the details. 

Notably, the board had released a circular on subject ‘Expression of Interest from schools for contribution of e-content on Vidya Daan for teacher and student enablement program’ that was uploaded on December 16.

Vidya Daan is a program me based on donation of e-content by teachers, is an initiative by CBSE to synergise countrywide efforts on content development for providing schools and teachers in urban and rural areas with good quality e-content that can be used anytime, anywhere at no cost.

As on date, there are approximately 6,000 content pieces on Vidya Daan which are being used by teachers and students across the country. It has been decided to launch the second phase or Vidya Daan 2.0 by CBSE.

In the second phase of this initiative, Vidya Daan 2.0, aims that the students to better understand and apply their knowledge of the concepts and topics to life experiences and the teachers to be able to prepare better and teach better through activity and experiential based teaching and learning.

In this context, CBSE is reaching out to esteemed panel of schools such as yours to support in improving the existing e-content and/or replacing the existing content with high quality content on Vidya Daan. 

Now, in order to allow more schools to be the part of CBSE initiative for content contribution Vidya Daan, once again the date for sharing the details has been extended up to April 15, 2020.

The schools which are willing to contribute the content on the given subject can submit the entry via online mode.

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