Professor develops robot to help health workers serving Covid-19 patients

Professor develops robot to help health workers serving Covid-19 patients

AGARTALA [Maha Media]: In order to help the medical professionals serving COVID-19 patients, a young assistant professor has developed a robot, named ‘COVID-19 WARBOT’ that can serve food, medicines and other essential items to the patients without human intervention. “It’s a four-wheeled robot which I have developed at my home using the waste material. The main motivation behind making this robot is basically ensuring and safeguarding our health workers - doctors and nurses - who are working in COVID related hospitals,” said Harjeet Nath, Assistant Professor at Tripura University’s Chemical and Polymer Engineering Department.

“Some countries have already developed robots which are helping the healthcare workers a lot. This robot can deliver medicines, water bottles and food packets whenever required. There is also a camera if the patient wants to communicate to the doctor,” he added.

Harjeet shared that it took him two weeks to develop the robot by spending around Rs 25,000 and using spare parts like three motors, two rechargeable lead-acid batteries, transmitter and receiver and USB output.

The robot can carry the load of around 10-15 kilograms of materials like medicines, food, water and its operating range is 15-20 metres with a mobile phone or computer. It can work continuously for nearly an hour.

Harjeet said that he intends to handover the robot to the state government so that it can be used in COVID hospitals.

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