Kanya Sankranti today: Know its signigicance

Kanya Sankranti today: Know its signigicance

Kanya Sankranti, also known as Sankramanam (in Tamil), is an important day in the Hindu Solar calendar. It is the day that marks the transit of the Sun from one zodiac to the other. Today, the Sun shall move from Simha Rashi (Leo) to Kanya Rashi (Virgo). And hence the name Kanya Sankranti. This movement of the Sun marks the beginning of the sixth Hindu month as per the Hindu Solar calendar. It is also the day when people pay ode to Lord Vishwakarma, who is hailed as the one who created the Universe. He is also regarded as the carpenter or the architect of the Gods. 

On Kanya Sankranti many kinds of daan, shradh puja for the ancestors and penance rituals take place.

There are twelve Sankrantis every year and each is a highly auspicious occasion for spiritual activities and charity. Kanya Sankranti is believed to be a significant time to perform the rites of Shraddha and penance.

It is also considered highly auspicious to take bath in holy rivers during this divine festival. "The word “Sankranti” in Sanskrit means “Sankramana Kala” or a “turning point”.

Kanya sankranthi time
The auspicious time or punya kala will begin from 12:16 pm and will last till 06:25 pm. It will last for 6 hours 9 mins. And the Maha Punya Kala will start from 04:22 pm and end at 06:25 pm. It will last for 2 hours and 3 mins. Whereas the Kanya Sankranti moment is at 7:23 pm.

Though, some time before or after Sankranti moment is considered to be auspicious for performing Sankranti related activities.

For Kanya Sankranti sixteen Ghatis after the Sankranti moment are considered Shubh or auspicious and the time window from Sankranti to sixteen Ghati after Sankranti is taken for all Dan-Punya activities.

Significance of Kanya Sankranti
On this day, idol of Lord Vishwakarma is worshipped and cleaned. This day is significantly celebrated in all kinds of industries, school, shops, etc. Small and big businessmen conduct Vishwakarma puja at their office place.

People clean their business equipment on this day. They also worship the machinery they use in their work and offer flowers on Vishwakarma puja day. They pray for smooth working of their machines and prosperity in work.

Today, people shall perform the Chaturdashi Shradh to calm and please the souls of those who had an unnatural death.

The Kanya Sankranti is also the day when technicians, carpenters, architects, engineers, sculptors etc. worship Lord Vishwakarma to seek his blessings for a prosperous professional life. In states such as West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Tripura, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and some parts of Karnataka, devotees perform the Vishwakarma Puja at their workshops/factories/industrial belts etc.

On this day, people do not use their tools and equipment as they are worshipped along with the deity. Factories and workshops remain closed, and the bhog offered to Lord Vishwakarma is distributed as Prasad.

It is also an important day for carrying out philanthropic activities. People are encouraged to reach out to those who need help (either in kind or cash). In short, it is considered an ideal day for Daan-Punya.

Next Sankranti, Tula Sankranti will be on 17 October (Saturday). 

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