The Glory of Shakti Devi

The Glory of Shakti Devi

“Ya devi sarva bhuteshu, shanti rupena sangsthita | Namastasyai, Namastasyai, Namastasyai, Namo Namaha’

We extend our sincere gratefulness, our pranam to Shakti rupani Devi who is omnipresent in all the living beings and other non living things, either clearly manifesting or staying in invisible state.

We often refer to the deity Durga jis pooza as “SHAKTI POOZA”.

Lord Rama also worshiped Shakti to conquer over the Ravana the symbol of “Adharma”.Thus lord dharma established “Dharma” over Adharma created by Ravana.

As per vedas “SHAKTI” remains ever new although exists from ancient period, yet manifests always as un manifested yet is manifested appropriately and appears as new.

Shakti always appears from disappeared to the manifested and from manifests to disappearance.

This is difficult to even realize how many times the manifested and un manifested state recurs, however every time a divine realization feels the heart.”Shakti “ has been similarly  mesmerizing from time immemorial.

The series continues since ancient time and appears in different forms, who knows how many countries got converted in hills, how many got crushed in pieces, how many countries got embedded in the river or sea and oceans over the period of the time. Who will decide it? This is a popular saying that after every hundred years its forest and after every hundred years it remains populated. From time to time Shakti has been prominently appearing in the form of great monks and Maharishis who have been enriching the world with their divine power that they could acquire after years of sacrifices and thorough studies.

The deity from her ved mukha says


Maya So Anna Matti Yo Vipasya Ti Yah Prani Ti Ya I m Srnotyuktam |
Amantavomanta Upa Ksiyanti Srudhi Srutam Shraddhivam The Vadami ||

Aham Rudraya Dhanurata Nomi Brahmadvise Sara Ve Hanta Va U |
Aham Jana Ya Samada m Krnomyaham Dyava Prthivi Avi Vesa ||


The people of his world are alive  because of my blessings,all the food and the expressions by words are my blessings to mankind those who show negligence for me meet their unfortunate.Since you are a religious person therefore these things are told to you. For the end of the demons by using the BRAMHA SHAKTI I remained there in the powerful arms of RUDRA in the form of order to ensure the welfare of the people in general you will find me established in the sky and the earth.The one who has understood and realized the ultimate divine power of SHAKTI that states that the SHAKTI POOZA could only be performed from time immemorial only under the divine direction and will of SHAKTI.

Those who could not enjoy the blessings of Shakti could never perform pooza and remained aloof with the great power of SHAKTI.

SHAKTI always appears in different forms for the good of mankind.

The proper coordination and understanding is imperative between the SHAKTI and its worship.Kansa and ravna are the brilliant examples of those who could not manage the balance between their Shakti and Bhakti.

Thus our endeavor must always be to ensure the equilibrium between the Bhakti and Shakti [Worship and Shakti] yet the question is that when people like kansa and Ravana could not establish this balance then how could it be easy for the common man.

The answer to this is the regular practice of transcendental Meditation promoted to the world by HIS HOLINESS MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI JI.

Simply 15 to 20 minutes daily in the morning and evening before the work starts and after the work is over shall help you address this serious issue of balance between the BHAKTI AND SHAKTI. You may yourself experience the same by regular practice.


Jai Guru Dev,Jai Maharishi.

Bramachari  Girish Ji

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