Why Maharishi left the Himalayas to teach TM

Why Maharishi left the Himalayas to teach TM

In an old interview, the reporter Lyle Wallace asked His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi a question about Why did you come out of the Himalayas to teach transcendental meditation to people everywhere in the world?

Maharishi Ji said that "I think it’s the nature of a bulb to emit light. Once it is lit, it can’t keep light within itself. It’s the nature of life to progress, and the knowledge, to give out knowledge is such a natural thing in man. It belongs to the value of life which always grows and grows. Life is progressive. It evolves, it grows spontaneously."  

Giving the example of a small child, Maharishi Ji said that A small young child sees the yellow car going on the road and then he runs to the mummy. “Mummy, mummy, yellow car!” He sees something and he wants to deliver that message to others. It’s natural to life. Teaching is a natural profession. Everyone who has any knowledge, he just can’t feel rested til he has given out.

"So, motivated by this natural tendency of life to give out knowledge, I came out of the Himalayas. I couldn’t rest there."

"This science of creative intelligence, this knowledge of effortlessly making ourselves acquainted with the deepest value of life which is so marvelous, unbounded awareness, bliss consciousness, such great harmony, happiness, peace, freedom from stress, all these wonderful results through one simple, comfortable, sitting with closed eyes. It’s such a beautiful technique. Having got this from my master, it was not possible to sit quiet in the Himalayas."

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