Find peace and joy within yourself: Brahmachari Girish Ji

Find peace and joy within yourself: Brahmachari Girish Ji

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: Under the able leadership of Brahmachari Girish Ji, Hon’ble Chairman Maharishi Vidya Mandir School Group, Maharishi Sansthan organized an online celebration today on the auspicious occasion of Sri Guru Purnima and 13th Foundation Day of Maharishi World Peace Movement.

Shri Guru Purnima programme started with Shri Guru Parampara Poojan and Vedic Shanti Path by Vedic Pundits at Gurudev Brahmananda Saraswati Ashram, Bhojpur Road.

Brahmachari Girish Ji said in his online address that this auspicious Guru Purnima is a day to take new resolutions and dedicate all the achievements of the whole year to the lotus feet of Shri Gurudev Brahmanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj and Param Pujya Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji. Explaining in detail about the year-long activities of Maharishi Sansthan and the troubles faced during the Corona period, Girish Ji dedicated all achievements at the feet of the Guru and thanked him for enlightening all with knowledge.

Praising the glory of Maharishi Ji, Girish Ji said that Maharishi ji has gifted mankind a unique technique of Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs and Yogic Flying. This consciousness based technique of Maharishi Ji has made everything easy for us. It is a tradition in our organization that every day we take a dip in the ocean of consciousness, so that everyone experiences ultimate peace. Where there is peace there is Anand. So there is no need to take a dip in any holy river or go to Himalayas. Everything is within us and peace is also within us, we just need to find it. 

Girish Ji said that people always complain that Vedas are very difficult to follow and their mind gets attracted towards useless things. 

The Vedic tradition brings them to a point—a point of infinity—and then the mind is not disturbed. 'Ek hi sadhe sab sadhe' which means do one thing, and everything happens by itself. Brahmachari Ji further said that due to this Covid-19 pandemic more than 45 lakh people died globally and about 4 lakh people died in India.  This is no small figure, in this pandemic we have also lost many people of our organisation whom we will always remember. Girish Ji reiterated his resolve that we have to gather 10000 Vedic Pandits at the center point of India - Brahmasthan. Presently around 3000 Vedic Pandits lived in Brahmasthan who regularly perform Yagya and meditation. But we still need 7000 person more who can go there to change the fate of the world from endless war to lasting peace.

Guru Vandana was presented by the talented students and teachers of selected Maharishi Vidya Mandir schools.

On this occasion the heads and directors of various Maharishi institutions, principals, teachers and a large number of students were also present online.

The entire Sri Guru Purnima Mahotsav was telecasted live through various networks. Guru Purnima was also celebrated with enthusiasm in all the schools and offices of Maharishi institutions across the country. 

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