Silence is the basis of successful activity: Dr Wagger

Silence is the basis of successful activity: Dr Wagger

BHOPAL [Maha Media]: An online seminar on Transcendental Meditation (TM) was organised by Maharishi World Peace Movement and MVM Schools Group on May 22. World famous teacher of transcendental meditation and Maharishi Vedic Science Dr Lane Wagger of USA was the key speaker at the seminar. 

Dr Wagger, who is also director of Maharishi Corporate Development Programme,  threw light on various aspects of the transcendental meditation and it benefits in our life. Just as a strong foundation is necessary for a sturdy structure, so too, inner silence is the basis of successful activity.  By enlivening the root of the mind, the vacuum state of consciousness, all aspects of get nourished. And Maharishi ji had the jey for this --Transcendental Meditation (TM), a technique of effortless transcending. To understand what is TM is, we need only ti analyse all its name. "Transcend" means  "to go beyond" ; and " meditation " referes to " thinking ".  During Transcendental Meditation the mind goes from the surface hectic level of thinking to more quiet , less excuted state, until one transcends thought altogether, arriving at the silence oasis of the mind.

Dr Wagger also highlighted the Meissner effect---the expulsion of a magnatic filed from the interior of a material that is in the process of becoming a superconductor, that is , losing its residence to the flow of electrical current when cooled below a certain temperature, usually close to absolute zero.

Transcending is easy because the mind experiences increasing degree of happiness at every step of the way. No effort is required. Maharishi ji said, " life is here to be enjoyed and no one has rights to suffer. "  Therefore, practicing  TM is must for peaceful and happy life.

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